Honestly speaking: We do take pride in more than 30 years of history and what we have achieved in this time.

Gonotec - We Are The Osmometer People!

More than 30 years, in which we grew together as a team, but also more than 30 years in which we asserted ourselves on a sometimes difficult and always highly competitive market due to our know-how and our high-quality products and –last, but not least- also due to a trustful cooperation with our customers for which we now and here like to express our thanks.

We are no anonymous, large concern, but we do know our customers personally. Thus we are familiar with their problems and tasks and the here from resulting requirements for us and for the quality of our products. During these 30 years we remained a medium-sized, private company; however, we became a global-player with customers in more than 60 countries.

GONOTEC made its first, promising steps in 1979, when Harald Göritz and Klaus Noack founded GONOTEC GmbH to develop and market analytical measuring instruments.

In the beginning, there was the freezing point osmometer OSMOMAT 030, the instrument which is until nowadays successful and the bestselling of the osmometer-family.

It was followed by the development of the colloid osmometer OSMOMAT 050, the vapour pressure osmometer OSMOMAT 070 and the membrane osmometer OSMOMAT 090 as well as the freezing point osmometer OSMOMAT 010. Our desire and pretension was and is to be always able to offer all from one source for different demands for the range of osmometers.

Jan Celinšek
Jan Celinšek - General Manager

In 2001 GONOTEC experienced the alternation of generations in the general management and is since then managed by Jan Celinšek, who accomplished in 2003 the introduction of the so far missing member of the osmometer family: The freezing point osmometer OSMOMAT auto.

In 2009, our anniversary year, we moved after many years from Berlin-Schöneberg to our new premises in Berlin-Charlottenburg, with lots of space for new ideas !

We will maintain the successful cooperation with our customers and development of instruments as a solid basis and do not intend to venture doubtful experiments. Doing so, we will keep a glance on innovations to enhance ourselves and our instruments for the benefit of our customer’s demands.




One of such kind was launched in our 30th anniversary year:

The Chloridmeter CM20. Here we also counted on our virtues: approved capacity and high demands on quality to compete with our customer’s requirements.

Finally, shortly before our 35th anniversary the next generation of osmometers was launched: The OSMOMAT 3000, which meets all requirements a customer can possibly have in the field of scientific instruments.

These are virtues which bestowed us years ago our still valid company’s philosophy of which we are convinced:

“We are the osmometer people.“

And today we are glad being able to add:

”Always were, always will be.”

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