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Freezer from Eppendorf

15 October 2020

Freezers - Eppendorf International


Eppendorf offers different lines of -80 °C lab ULT freezers to meet a variety of needs. Depending on the approach, there are different questions to answer before you select your Ultra-Low-Temperature freezer, also known as ULT freezer to store your freezer boxes and your valuable samples:

› Do you need an upright freezer or a chest freezer to store your freezer boxes?
› Do you want a foam-insulated freezer wall enforced by vacuum insulation panels or is foam sufficient?
› Which footprint in the lab is sufficient and/ or acceptable?
› When choosing an upright freezer, do you need a 3- or 5-compartment instrument?
› Do you need a future-proof freezer with green cooling liquids as R290/ R170?
› Do you want to connect your ULT freezer?

We want to provide you with high performance, sample safety, and convenience.